Benefits of Undertaking a Research Higher Degree

There are many benefits of undertaking a Research Higher Degree. Listed below are just some of these benefits that were identified by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander graduates from Research Higher Degrees across Australia. A Research Higher Degree allows you to:

  • Learn more about an area you are passionate about
  • Seek the answers to your own questions
  • Create change in your choose field
  • Produce new knowledge that is innovative, relevant, and enlightened
  • Contribute to Indigenous research methodologies
  • Assist Indigenous communities in diverse ways
  • Enhance your career prospects in industry or academia
  • Perform high-level research in a specific area of academic interest
  • Conduct your own, unique research
  • Gain transferable skills and attributes necessary for challenging and diverse roles in industry, government and business, as well as in research and academic organisations
  • Develop your networks
  • Gain training and skills necessary for a career in academia and beyond
  • Empower yourself and your community